Front-End Development with React

5 Months, Full Time, in Abuja, Nigeria

Next Start Date: Monday, 10th October 2022

With one-on-one training and mentoring, Rework Academy 5 months Coding Classes is your path to becoming an experienced Frontend Web Developer, with Curriculum designed to take you from Zero to Advanced Coding Skill and Flexible monthly payment plan. Rework Academy is creating employable Skilled talents.

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5 Months Full time Coding Bootcamp to make you an experienced Front End developer with React.

Learn Front end development with React and enhance your productivity as a front-end developer. Increase your demand in the industry by learning to Create amazing and reactive application with one of industry most sort after JavaScript framework from Facebook. With React you will develop faster applications by working with Virtual DOM which increases the speed of web applications, creating better productivity for that web application process.




jQuery & Ajax


UX/UI Design Concept

Front-End Development with React Class Options

5 months Full-time (Classroom)

Weekday Classes

Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm WAT

Weekend Classes

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm

5 months Full-time (Virtual)

Weekday Classes

Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm WAT

Tuition Fees and Payment

Tuition payment is based on flexible monthly payment agreement during the 5 months training period

Total payable tuition fee: 152,500 naira

Acceptance fee 20,000 naira

Monthly Payment : 26,500 naira

Learn the most demanded Web development skills, Build real Projects with real developers

We have put together a curriculum with the most sorted after web development skills in the industry. The curriculum will be delivered by real developers with industry experience. The Focus is to give you skills that will get you hired.

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